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Simply Amazing  
01:00pm 11/02/2009

I just recently started back to checking out some of the social web sites. I have found it just amazing how many men hating lesbians are on these sites. Now I’m not being mean saying that. Literally there are individual profile pages that are just brutal about not liking men. They are so adamant about not wanting to socialize with me that their profile name includes statements like “NO F****** MEN”, Women only men will be …”, “Women only, men stay the F___ away” just to name three.


Now being a man I know men can be pigs to put it nicely. The reason men try to connect with lesbians is because we have the same interest as them, women, multiple women, groups of women and the lesser amounts of clothes the better.


I’ve tried the posing as a women thing as many men have and are doing. I enjoy porn. I have thousands of pics on CDs and I’m working on getting enough to fill a DVD. Lesbians I have befriended in the social groups have provided some of the best pics I have because like I said earlier, we have the same interest. Not to mention I had built some great online friendships until I came clean with them and told them I was a man. Then everything would come to a screeching halt. And those I did not tell, it was because of some of the man hating postings they would post.


I don’t discriminate on who wants to be a friend or contact. I do not judge anyone on what they post or share. And I definitely do not exclude people just because of their gender. Granted, I do have restrictions on my communities as far as age and that is just to keep everyone out of trouble. Personally, if you have something to contribute to the community, I have no problem at all with you being in it.


That’s alright with me. I don’t want to be friend with men hating lesbians. It’s not like they are special in any way, just bitter men haters.

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